Historical Bows

R.L. Ray Violin Shop is known for having fine bows of all caliber. Below are some examples of bows that are available or have been available through our shop. The task of matching a bow to an instrument and a player is a skill. All must compliment each other equally. At R.L. Ray Violin Shop we take great care to assist in this process regardless of the budget. A Guarneri and a Tourte won't make a 13 year old sound like Jascha Heifetz but the correct instrument and bow will make a 13 year old sound the best he can. We welcome the opportunity to help you become the best you can be.


Dominique Peccatte

Joseph Henry

Nicolas Maire

Jean Pierre Marie Persoit

"Grand Adam"

Étienne Pajeot

Claude Joseph Fonclause

Jean Dominique Adam

Joseph Voirin

Louis Simon Pajeot

Jacob Eury

François Niçolas Voirin